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  • Medical Networks, a good start?

    The Medical Community has newly developed innovative strategies in order to improve the conversation between professionals through a secure platform with the right tools to facilitate global communication and interaction. Social4Med the Latest Global Medical Network Social4Med is a global medical ...
  • A stitch ... extends the Life

    Life, as we know, is often hanging by a thread. How many times we have gotten surprised for unexpected news when a loved one in full health, is suddenly lacking. That thread that binds us to life can be broken in a moment. Interrupting and affecting us emotionally and disrupting plans, like a switch...

    La figura del medico cambia nel tempo, il dovere di curare rimane immutato. Cambia l’approccio e la conoscenza della malattia con i mezzi che la tecnologia offre, sempre più sofisticati e precisi. La necessità di aggiornamento è una condizione indispensabile per la pratica...
  • Three Risk Factors that Should Frighten You

    The article by Delos Cosgrove has highlighted three major diseases that cause death and disability with high cost of human lives and resources for society.   The title of the article is 'Three Diseases That Should Frighten You' and this is the link:
  • Prosthetic Valve Thrombosis by poor anti-coagulation

    Poor anticoagulant therapy is a major cause of prosthetic valve thrombosis. The young patient previously operated for mitral valve replacement with mechanical bileaflet prosthesis had to undergo reoperation in urgency for problems related to its oral anticoagulant therapy causing the block of...